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Getting started

Installing the CareCart app is a quick process.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on ‘Add App’ button.
  3. Follow the installation wizard.
  4. Connect your Facebook page(link to how to connectaFacebook page).You can also skip this step forthe moment and it can be connected later.
  5. Select the range-from-how far back you wish to importtheabandoned checkouts.Once you have chosen the range, click the import option.
  6. Complete the abandoned checkouts import.

You’re done! Now you can go back to yourCareCart Dashboard!

Installing the CareCart app is a quick process.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on ‘Add App’ button.
  3. Follow the installation wizard.
  4. Connect your Facebook page(link to how to connectaFacebook page).You can also skip this step forthe moment and it can be connected later.
  5. Select the range-from-how far back you wish to importtheabandoned checkouts.Once you have chosen the range, click the import option.
  6. Complete the abandoned checkouts import.

You’re done! Now you can go back to yourCareCart Dashboard!

Its great that you have installed CareCart on your store. Let’s test it out!
Follow some basic instructions first before you start:

  1. Its very important that you always open a new incognito/private window of your browser.
  2. Everytime you test, use a different email address. Don’t have that many emails? No problem,
  3. Double check from Shopify Admin Panel that you have already installed the CareCart Email Marketing app.
  4. In the end, just make sure that the email campaign is turned on.
Here you go !
  1. Open a new incognito/private window
  2. Open your store
  3. Add something to the cart
  4. Add your email address

You can also test by simply adding your email “subscribe to our newsletter” field – in this case,you need to add something in your cart!

There are 4 other methods to capture the email:

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter subscription forms.
  2. Add your email at checkout, then go to the next step.
  3. Add your email to the Email Collector popup.
  4. Log in to the buyer account on your store.

Once you have added your email to your store one way or the other,then close the window.
Now you need to wait as per the set time intervals. If you don’t come back then you’ll be marked as a cart abandoner.
This is when the email campaign will start sending you emails according to the set timers for each email.
According to the set schedule,if you don’t receive in the CareCart app then please contact our support, we’re always happy to help you.

If you’re planning to reinstall the CareCart app to your Shopify store,then you can do it in a breeze.

The good thing is we’ll keep all your data and settings protected and after reinstalling the app you’ll have it all back. Follow these steps:

  1. Open a new incognito window
  2. Go to your Shopify store in the admin section and delete the CareCart app that is already installed.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click on ‘Add App’ button.
  5. Follow the installation wizard.
  6. You’re done!Now you can land back on your CareCart Dashboard!

Please contact us if you need any help with the reinstallation!

Cart Reminder

CareCart allows you to customize the Cart Reminder notification content so that you can use your own logo and custom message for your customers.

In the Cart Reminder page, you can edit the message that will be reflected in the title bar of browser’s tab. Set up the toggle away time in seconds to show the notification when customers have switched the tab.

To further personalize it you can upload your brand logo in the favicon area and also entirely control the settings of the notification badge including the position, shape, animation and the color scheme to match with your store.

Once you’re all done, save the settings and then test on your store by clicking the button from the upper right corner.

Cart Reminder is a tiny little tool that works silently to bring your customers back to the store when they have toggled away to another tab of their browser’s window.

Basically, it helps you to prevent customers from abandoning their cart by showing the little notification icon in the title bar of the Tab. The best part is, it doesn’t even require any subscription from the customer.

It will show the notification icon only to those visitors who have added one or more products to their cart and switched to another tab without completing the purchase.

Push Notifications

Subscription process for the Push notifications works quite similarly to the regular newsletter subscription. Once the customers subscribe to Push popups only then you’ll be able to send them messages.

There are just two simple steps in the Push Notification subscription process.

In the first step, a subscription popup appear on the top of your customer’s browser.

  1. If the user clicks Allow then a new window opens with final permission popup.
  2. In case customer clicks Don’t Allow then the subscription popup disappears and nothing happens after that.

When the customers click Allow on the final permission popup then they get subscribed and at this point it is highly recommended that you immediately send the Welcome Push message.

2018 studies show that cart abandonment will reach over 80%. You as a store owner need to make sure that you get the most out of your existing hard earned traffic. Push Notification is one of the great customer re-engagement tools that will help you to generate more sales from your existing traffic.

Now let’s have a look at how Push Notification Campaign Works?

It runs just like the email campaign, and for only those customers who have subscribed to Push Notifications list.

  1. Customers add something to cart but do not complete the purchase.
  2. First push notification will be sent according to your set timer (should be set within first 20 mins)
  3. If they do not make a purchase, then second push notification will be sent within 12 hours.
  4. If they still haven’t completed the purchase, then a third notification will be sent as a final reminder. This time you should add a discount offer in the message.

Auto-stop campaign

When customers come back to your store and complete the purchase in the middle of the campaign then CareCart will automatically stop all campaigns for that customer. This will also include emails and Messenger campaigns, not just push notifications.

Abandoned Cart Push Campaign

Go to Push Notification tab in the CareCart admin panel to run the push campaign and re-engage your customers.

On the Abandoned Cart Push Campaign tab, you’ll see a series of three push messages which you can edit individually by clicking Edit.

NOTE: This push campaign is sent to cart abandoners and checkout abandoners as well. If the customers are subscribed, notifications will be sent, no matter at which point they abandoned the cart.

On the push notification editor page, you can even customize the contents of the message.

We have already built the template for you and all you need to do is turn on the campaign. In case you get personalize with your customers or match the message with your brand image, it is recommended to update the contents of the messages.

Whenever you offer a discount in the push notification, always keep in mind that CareCart does not auto-generate discount codes. You need to generate discount code in your Shopify admin panel and paste it manually in the push message.

Push notification is the best way to reach out to your cart abandoners and bring them back to complete the purchase.

Here’s the thing, with CareCart you can send push notifications only to those customers who have subscribed to the push notifications.

To get the push notification subscriptions, just turn on the popup from the Opt-in settings tab.

Next, you can customize the contents of the subscription popup message to match with your store.

Once you have saved the content, it will start appearing for every store visitor who has added a product to the cart, until they click ‘Allow’ or ‘Don’t Allow’.

After making the necessary changes in the subscription popup, click ‘Next’ to customize the final permission popup. This additional popup window will only appear if the customer clicks ‘Allow’ on the subscription popup.

You may also edit the contents of the window of the final permission popup, but not the contents of the popup itself.

Still have questions? Feel free to ask us!

In the end, when customers click Allow on the final permission popup then they will be subscribed to the Push notifications list and you’ll be able to send them Push messages.

Let’s see how you can set up Welcome Push notification:

Welcome Push notification is sent when a customer subscribes to the push notifications. Welcome push set up is part of the process of setting up Push Notification. Once you reach the last step, you can customize the Welcome Push message.

You may set the timer for the Welcome Push. However, it should be sent immediately after getting the subscription, just like shown below:

After a customer clicks ‘Allow’, he or she immediately gets the Welcome Push Notification.



Remember, you can also send a simple welcome message if you don’t want to send any discount offer. However, giving discounts will boost your conversion rate. Because the customer gets discount code right after subscribing, which works great to push users to complete the purchase.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Abandoned cart Messenger campaign runs when your customers add one or more product to their cart and then do not complete the purchase.

You can send this campaign only to those customers who have already subscribed to your Messenger list. You can get the Messenger subscriptions by enabling the Messenger widget.

Campaign Customization

With CareCart Messenger marketing you get campaign customization options.

Simply go to the Auto Campaigns section and edit any message in the campaign.

You can pretty much change everything including the texts, background image and the send timing of the message. You can do this for each message individually.

We recommend setting the timings to comply with Facebook policy. The best combination would be to send the first message after 1 hour then second and third message after few hours interval, keeping all three messages within 24 hours.

According to Facebook’s policy, now you can send messages to subscribers within 24 hours window after the confirmation of subscription. Any promotional messages beyond that can be send as sponsored campaign.

We suggest you to send discount code in the 2nd and 3rd message to lure in customers for making a purchase. By sending the discount in the first message you may just lose some profit margin because most of the buyers either got busy temporarily or distracted, but they have the intention to buy the item soon.

Facebook Compliance

As suggested above, keep your message timings within the 24 hours as Facebook allows you to send the promotional message within 24 hours of subscription. So keeping the recommended timings totally make your campaign Facebook compliant.

Campaign Suggestions

There are few suggestions to optimize the Messenger campaign to maximize the cart recovery:

  1. Keep your messages short and to the point. Avoid turning the messages into the length of an email.
  2. Adding emoji will make the campaign friendlier as people love emojis while chatting. So make it more like a friendly conversation instead of pitching sales.
  3. Try sending discount codes (ideally 15% off coupons) in the Messenger campaign that will recover your sales much faster up to 2x.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Implementation of Add to Cart widget by CareCart requires you to follow some basic rules and guidelines set by Facebook. Follow the steps mentioned below to make sure that you appropriately use the widget and enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

1: Position the widget

It is required that the widget is placed directly under the Add to Cart button on the product page.

If there are any other page elements like a discount, timer or if something else is displayed then make sure that they are placed under the widget and not between the widget and add to cart button.

This Messenger widget should automatically be placed in the right position on the product pages but sometimes you may need to make some adjustments.

You can also contact our support team to help you sort it out.

2: Place only one ‘Add to Cart’ button

Your customers will automatically get subscribed to your Messenger list when they click on ‘Add to Cart’ button. It is compulsory that you place just one ‘Add to Cart’ button on your product page in order to stay compliant with Facebook’s policies.

It is highly recommended that you remove any other ‘Add to Cart’ button from the page whether it is in the top bar or placed as a sticky button before you apply for the whitelisting.

3: Tell your customer what they should subscribe to

To enhance the customer experience and to stay compliant with Facebook’s policy, there’s some informative text on the widget.

You can edit the text, but it should clearly tell what kind of messages or notifications the customer can expect from CareCart.

Messenger customer chat widget is one of the best customer support tools that help you to differentiate your store from others. You have control over customizing the appearance and message on the chat widget.

Follow these simple steps:

1: Go to the Messenger dashboard menu within the CareCart Admin Panel.

2: Scroll down to the Customer Chat Widget box and click ‘Edit’ to start customizing it.

3: Now on the Chat Widget customization page, you can make changes in the greetings message and icon colors. You can also choose any display option from the drop-down list.

You can either have the chat window open by default or minimize it by simply showing the chat icon.

You can further customize it by changing the color scheme of the chat icon to match with your branding guidelines.

Once you’re done making all the changes then ‘Save’ your settings.

If you have any questions regarding the customization, feel free to contact us.

We all appreciate the greetings and being welcomed, similarly welcoming the Facebook subscribers is important especially for the auto campaigns. To make that easy, we added an automated flow to welcome your new subscribers and start a conversation with them right away.

To enable the Messenger Welcome Campaigns, please visit your app dashboard and go to Messenger Auto Campaigns ➜ Welcome Campaigns.

On the Welcome Messages page, you will see a separate Welcome Campaign for Subscription widgets, enable those which widgets you are using. You can enable and edit the individual campaigns to make sure that your welcome messages are set up just the way you want them.

Welcome Campaigns will maximize the potential by ensuring the subscriptions are successful and all your messenger campaigns are successfully delivered.

First of all, welcome message enhances the customer experience. When signing up to your Messenger campaign through active widgets, your visitors will receive an introductory message to let them know about the subscription.

This will ensure that your customers are fully aware of the subscriptions and they are ready to get any further marketing campaigns from your store via Facebook Messenger.

Welcome Campaigns will also help you engage your new subscribers right when they subscribe which is essential for effective marketing campaigns and will help you identify new subscribers.

One more interesting feature is quick replies. Make sure to add these quick replies to your welcome messages. Because it is necessary to establish a two-way communication to ensure the successful subscription. So, you want to receive as many replies form the Welcome Campaigns as possible.

In the end, Welcome Campaigns are an easy way to boost subscriptions and improve the experience of your customers. You can also increase engagement on your Facebook Marketing Campaigns.

It’s very simple and easy to turn off the Messenger from the Messenger dashboard.

If you wish to turn off all messenger widgets and Customer Chat widgets, then log into your CareCart Messenger dashboard and click the Off button to turn everything off.

And if you want to keep the Customer Chat, but turn off the other product page widgets, then just turn off the switch from the Messenger widget section shown below.

In case you need any help, just reach out to us!

Now that you have set up your Messenger campaign,it’s time to make sure that Messenger messages are being sent to the cart abandoners at set times.

Follow some basic instructions first before you start:

1: Open a new incognito/private window on your browser.

2: Log in to your Facebook page.

3: Open a new tab in the same browser and navigate to your store.

4: Go to any product page and you’ll see the widget under the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Now add the product to your cart!

5: Once you have added the product to your cart then close the window to abandon the cart.

Now you need to wait according to your set time intervals. If you don’t come back to complete the purchase process, then you’ll be marked as cart abandoner.

This is when the Messenger campaign will start sending you messages according to the set timers for each message.

If you don’t receive any message on your Messenger in the CareCart app,then please contact our support team, we’re always happy to help you!

With the popularity of social media marketing, Messenger marketing has become the most effective way to reach out to your customers. Knowing your subscribers is always good to make their online shopping personalized. So, we have added a Subscribers page in our app.

In the Subscribers page,you’ll get some basic information about your subscribers who have shared their personal information with you.

Messenger subscription works a bit differently and doesn’t show everyone. Only those customers will be visible who have replied to your message.

Subscriber list page offers you a great deal of opportunity. You can easily identify the influencer among your customers for future collaborations. This will also help you to get a better understanding of your customer base.

Facebook Messenger widgets are awesome tools to get your customers subscribed with just one click. This will allow you to reach out to your customers with fully automated Messenger campaigns .After enabling the Messenger widget, it will be displayed on the product page right under the  Add to Cart button.

With CareCart Messenger app you get two different Messenger widgets:

  • ‘Add to Cart’ Widget
  • ‘Discount’ Widget

Add to Cart Widget

As mentioned above, this widget will be displayed under the ‘Add to Cart’ button on the product page. When the customer clicks ‘Add to Cart’ and once the subscription box is checked,then it will automatically subscribe the customer to your Messenger list.

You can enable this Widget from the CareCart dashboard by simply turning on the functionality and selecting the widget.

Discount Widget

This widget is ideal if you want to get Messenger subscriptions as it will encourage the customers to subscribe in exchange for a discount.

This widget is also placed under the ‘Add to Cart’ button just like the ‘Add to Cart’ Widget.

When you enable Discount Widget then you need to create discount code in the Shopify Admin area(the discounts section).

Enable the widget and check it on your store in a new private window.

In case you need any help, you can  contact us

CareCart offers two Messenger widgets that can be used on the product page. Your ultimate goal by using any of the two widgets is to maximize the opt-in rate to your Messenger subscribers list. You clearly need to understand which widget is more suitable for your store.

Let’s figure out which widget you should use. We’ll now take a look at how ‘Add to Cart’ widget and ‘Discount Widget’ help you to achieve one common goal of increasing subscriptions but with different functionalities.

First of all, enable ‘Add to Cart’ widget from the CareCart Messenger Dashboard.

After enabling, open a new incognito window and sign in to your Facebook account.

Then, in a new tab of the same private window, open your store and go to a product page. You will see the ‘Add to Cart’ widget,which is placed under the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

The important thing to see is whether the widget is pre-checked.

If the widget is unchecked then you should look at the other option, the Discount Widget. To get a maximum number of subscriptions you need to offer some discount to your customers.

Discount Widget

To enable the Discount Widget, go to CareCart Messenger Dashboard, then select the Discount Widget and edit it to set a discount value.

You also need to create discount code in Shopify admin panel and then add the code into the widget editor.

Frequently asked questions

It totally depends.If you had it pre-checked earlier, then the CareCart’s Messenger widget will be pre-checked on your store.

Facebook has changed their policy regarding this widget and now they do not accept any applications for the pre-checked widget.

CareCart only works with future abandoned carts that are abandoned after installing the CareCart app. However, it does import previous abandoned checkouts up to last 90 days.

So, you can reach out to your customers who abandoned the checkouts prior to CareCart and bring them back to complete the purchase.

We suggest that you only use CareCart to track and recover all your abandoned carts because it can handle the job pretty well. However, you can use other cart recovery services along with CareCart.

Remember that most of the cart recovery tools do not capture all abandoned carts, instead, they only work on abandoned checkouts. CareCart works differently by capturing user info even before they land on the checkout page, thus have a high conversion rate.

All features of CareCart will work just fine in the presence of any other cart recovery tool and it won’t block other services either. In such a case, you’ll end up sending more than necessary emails to the customers.

We are continuously working to add more features to the CareCart application. Hence, we strongly suggest that you use CareCart as your cart recovery service.

The short answer is, absolutely not! CareCart loads on the Shopify store asynchronously. Thus, not blocking the other parts of the page that are in downloading phase.

CareCart uses the global CDN to deliver all the images and stylesheets which is not placed on the critical render path of your store. We comply with the strict coding standards of Shopify apps store, this is why CareCart does not slow down the page load speed of your store.

Whether you are an expert or an agency who is looking for a massive financial opportunity, CareCart’s Affiliate program has got you covered!

When you join CareCart’s affiliate program, you will easily earn a commission when a user uses your referral link while signing up on the website. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and easiest ways to earn, without putting much effort.

You just need to register to CareCart’s affiliate partner and receive 30% of shares from any payment made by any new Shopify users who register through your link. As simple as that!


How to become an Affiliate with CareCart?

Becoming an affiliate with CareCart is simple. You need to follow a few steps and you can start earning money.


Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up as an affiliate member, you will receive a unique referral link
  2. Share your affiliate link and earn a 30% commission for all the sales you refer
  3. You will get paid when someone you referred subscribe to monthly/annual payment plan
  4. In the affiliate area, you can track your referrals, payouts and visits.

CareCart offers 7 days of free trial which is extendable to an additional 21 days. You can earn additional 21 days by completing simple actions available in the settings section of your CareCart Admin Panel.

When you complete the action available in the Account Settings, just let us know and we’ll manually extend your free trial.

If you are unable to connect your Facebook page with CareCart then the possible reasons can be:

  1. You’re not the Admin of the page.
  2. You didn’t give required permissions to CareCart.

Only the page admin can properly connect Facebook page with CareCart. Other roles like advertiser or moderator will not allow you to connect properly. So, please make sure that you are the page admin while connecting the page to CareCart.

Please also allow all required permissions when CareCart asks for the permissions.

We have put special efforts to make CareCart suitable for all screen sizes which includes a wide range of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and also desktops.

All of the widgets, emails, and other functionalities are responsive and work well with most of the mobile phones. This means your customers can read and interact with all components with ease.

DMARC stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.” A DMARC Policy tells the email receivers like Microsoft (Hotmail, Live, Outlook etc), Gmail, Yahoo! and other DMARC Internet Service Providers who adopted DMARC what to do if an email fails the DMARC check.


What is the DMARC policy?

Gmail joins Yahoo and AOL by implementing the strict DMARC policy. It has been developed in order to defend email users from a large amount of spam and phishing messages. Applying this policy means that emails from, and (the entire list of domains is available here) can be sent using only their original servers.

If you send bulk email campaigns with any 3rd party email marketing software and use a Yahoo, Gmail or AOL email address as the sender’s email address (a.k.a. FROM email), your emails will be rejected (hard bounce). Why? Because the emails you sent were from servers of your email marketing software instead of from a Google, Yahoo or AOL server.

This problem applies to all 3rd party email marketing software (not only CareCart).

How it works?

DMARC’s alignment feature prevents spoofing of the “header from” address by:

  1. Matching the “header from” domain name with the “envelope from” domain name used during an SPF check, and
  2. Matching the “header from” domain name with the “d= domain name” in the DKIM signature.

First of all, Messenger apps can cause a real issue with CareCart. This is due to some technical limitations where Facebook only allows the use of one Messenger application.

If you use more than one Messenger application then they will block each other and the functionality will also fail.

So, avoid installing Messenger chat applications to your store. CareCart does have a built-in chat feature which can be enabled by simply turning it on in the Messenger dashboard.

Secondly, all the other apps that make any changes in the Shopify’s process, will likely block the CareCart’s functionalities. CareCart needs to get some information about the carts and orders to determine when to run a specific abandoned cart recovery campaign. Installation of apps like upselling apps, custom discount apps, installment apps, and custom checkout apps will block the campaigns.

To learn more about this, you can always contact CareCart team.

Once you have uninstalled CareCart app, you need to remove liquid code from theme.liquid file.

Please follow the steps shown below in the screenshots in order to correctly remove the remaining code of CareCart app.

Go to Themes and then click “Actions” drop down menu button.

Then click “Edit Code”

Now go to theme.liquied and scroll down to find the CareCart code.

Code starts like <!–StartCartCartCustomCode–>

and ends like <!–EndCareCartCustomCode–>

Select and remove the code.

Don’t forget to save the changes after removing the code.

When you look at the CareCart Messenger campaigns from your inbox, you’ll see that some buttons such as ‘Buy Now’ appear as disabled and you can’t click on them.

There’s nothing to worry about, it happens only because of Facebook’s privacy settings. These buttons are only clickable by the people who receive them.

CareCart is great at capturing the emails. If a customer subscribes to the newsletter and also abandons the cart without providing the details, CareCart then associates the email with that cart abandoner.

However, if the cart abandoner does not enter the email anywhere on your store, then it becomes impossible to collect it. This is shown as ‘Anonymous’ in the emails column. In this case, CareCart stores all the available information and also provide the user’s IP address and Country information. This will help you to understand your customers more, provide you with their locations, and tell you what kind of carts they abandon